About the People of Abrons Arts Center

Feb 11, 2023

Meet Our Dedicated Team

At Abrons Arts Center, we take pride in having a diverse and talented team of individuals who are passionate about the arts. Our dedicated staff, artists-in-residence, and volunteers play crucial roles in bringing our artistic vision to life. Through their creativity, hard work, and commitment, they continuously contribute to making Abrons Arts Center a hub for artistic excellence.


Our highly skilled staff members are the backbone of Abrons Arts Center. With their expertise and unwavering dedication, they ensure smooth operations, seamless coordination of events, and exceptional experiences for both artists and audiences alike.

Artistic Director - John Thompson

As the Artistic Director of Abrons Arts Center, John Thompson brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the arts. With a background in theater, he has curated an exciting and diverse lineup of performances and exhibitions over the years, showcasing both established and emerging talents.

Operations Manager - Sarah Reynolds

Sarah Reynolds oversees the day-to-day operations of Abrons Arts Center. Her exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail ensure that everything runs smoothly, from scheduling events to managing logistical aspects. Sarah's passion for the arts fuels her commitment to creating a welcoming and supportive environment for artists and audiences alike.


Abrons Arts Center is honored to host a variety of talented artists-in-residence who find inspiration within our walls. These individuals, representing diverse artistic disciplines, benefit from our resources, mentorship programs, and collaborative opportunities.

Visual Artist - Emily Collins

Emily Collins, a renowned visual artist, has been part of our residency program for the past two years. Her thought-provoking installations have captivated audiences, inviting them to explore complex social issues through art. Emily's work pushes boundaries and challenges conventional norms.

Musician - Michael Ramirez

Michael Ramirez, a multi-talented musician, has found a home at Abrons Arts Center. His innovative compositions blend various genres, creating harmonies that resonate with audiences on a deep level. Through our residency program, Michael has had the opportunity to collaborate with other artists, further expanding his creative palette.


Volunteers are an invaluable part of the Abrons Arts Center community. Their selfless contributions and passion for the arts help us fulfill our mission of fostering creativity and cultural exchange. Their dedication and unwavering support make a significant impact on the success of our programs and events.

Volunteer Coordinator - Jessica Adams

Jessica Adams, our Volunteer Coordinator, plays a pivotal role in recruiting and coordinating volunteers. With her exceptional interpersonal skills and ability to inspire others, Jessica ensures that each volunteer is matched with the right opportunity. Her enthusiasm for the arts and appreciation for our volunteers make her an invaluable member of our team.


At Abrons Arts Center, our people are at the heart of everything we do. From our talented staff to our inspiring artists-in-residence and dedicated volunteers, their collective passion and commitment to the arts drive our mission forward. We are proud to have such a diverse and talented group of individuals who continuously contribute to the vibrant arts community we have built.

Discover more about the talented people behind Abrons Arts Center and join us in celebrating their accomplishments. Together, we can continue to foster creativity, support artists, and provide audiences with unforgettable artistic experiences.

Tessa Luu
πŸ‘πŸŽ¨ Amazing to see such a talented and diverse team at the Abrons Arts Center! 🌟✨
Nov 8, 2023
Jayson Africa
πŸ‘πŸŽ¨ Kudos to the diverse, talented team at Abrons Arts Center! 🌟
Oct 14, 2023