Annual Events - Immaculate Heart of Mary - Scarsdale, NY

Dec 15, 2018

Traditional Festivities at Immaculate Heart of Mary

At Immaculate Heart of Mary in Scarsdale, NY, we take pride in our rich tradition of hosting annual events that bring our community together in celebration, spiritual growth, and fostering a sense of belonging. These events are an integral part of our parish life, and we warmly welcome everyone to join us.

Easter Celebration

Our Easter Celebration is a joyous occasion where we commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Each year, we organize a series of activities for all ages. From vibrant Easter Masses adorned with magnificent decorations to an exciting Easter egg hunt filled with laughter and happiness, our Easter Celebration offers something for everyone.

Good Friday Procession

On Good Friday, we solemnly remember the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Our Good Friday Procession is a powerful experience where our parishioners participate in a symbolic walk, carrying the cross through the neighborhood. This emotional journey allows us to reflect on Christ's sacrifice and deepen our understanding of His unconditional love for humanity.

Passover Seder

Immaculate Heart of Mary embraces interfaith dialogue and celebrates the diversity of our community. We host an annual Passover Seder, where we come together to honor the Jewish festival of liberation. This inclusive event fosters understanding, builds bridges, and strengthens the bonds that unite us as neighbors and friends.

Christmas Extravaganza

Our Christmas Extravaganza is a festive celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. With a wide range of activities, including enchanting nativity plays, mesmerizing choir performances, and a joyous Christmas market, this event encapsulates the spirit of the season. Join us in spreading love, joy, and Christmas cheer among our community!

Angel Tree Project

During the Christmas Extravaganza, we also launch the Angel Tree Project, a cherished annual tradition where we come together to provide gifts to underprivileged children in our area. By selecting the name of a child from the Angel Tree and generously purchasing a gift for them, we ensure they experience the warmth of the holiday season and know that they are cared for by their community.

Midnight Mass

Immerse yourself in the sacred ambiance of Midnight Mass, a cherished Christmas Eve tradition. As the clock strikes twelve, our beautiful church comes alive with candlelight and melodious hymns. The Midnight Mass is a spiritual journey that brings us closer to the heart of Christmas and the true meaning of Jesus' birth.

Community Outreach Programs

Alongside our traditional festivities, Immaculate Heart of Mary actively engages in various community outreach programs throughout the year. These programs aim to serve those in need, promote social justice, and inspire acts of compassion and mercy.

Annual Thanksgiving Meal Drive

The Annual Thanksgiving Meal Drive is a collaborative effort where we collect food donations and distribute them to local families who may struggle to provide a warm Thanksgiving meal on their own. We encourage all members of our community to contribute and embrace the spirit of giving during this season of gratitude.

Back-to-School Supplies Distribution

Education is paramount, and we strive to support local students and their families through our Back-to-School Supplies Distribution program. Through generous donations, we provide students with essential school supplies, ensuring they start the academic year with the necessary tools for success.

Join Us for These Meaningful Festivities

Immaculate Heart of Mary in Scarsdale, NY, invites you and your loved ones to gather with us during these annual events that hold deep religious and community significance. Experience the warmth, faith, and fellowship that define our parish. Whether you are a long-time member or a newcomer seeking a welcoming spiritual home, we eagerly embrace your presence and look forward to creating unforgettable memories together.

I love attending the annual events at Immaculate Heart of Mary! Such a great sense of community.
Nov 12, 2023