How To Use Your Fingers to Multiply by 9

Oct 25, 2019


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to multiply numbers by 9 using your fingers. This ancient technique allows you to perform calculations quickly and efficiently, improving your mental arithmetic skills. By practicing this method, you'll gain confidence and become a math superstar!

Mastering Finger Multiplication

Multiplying numbers by 9 has never been easier! By utilizing the power of your fingers, you can perform calculations in a breeze. Let's dive into the step-by-step process:

Step 1: Prepare Your Hands

To begin, extend both of your hands in front of you, palms facing up. Make sure your fingers are spread apart and ready for action.

Step 2: Number Each Finger

Assign each finger a number from 1 to 10, starting from your left thumb and progressing towards your right pinky finger. This numbering system will serve as a reference during the calculation process.

Step 3: Multiply By 10

Imagine the number you want to multiply by 9. For example, let's take the number 5. To calculate 5 multiplied by 9, you'll multiply 5 by 10, which equals 50.

Step 4: Begin the Finger Calculation

Now, fold down the finger that corresponds to the number you are multiplying by 9. In this case, fold down your left pinky finger, representing the number 5.

Step 5: Count Fingers

Count the fingers on the left side of the folded finger, which is 4 in this example. This represents the tens digit in the final result.

Step 6: Count Remaining Fingers

Count the fingers on the right side of the folded finger, which is 5 in this example. This represents the ones digit in the final result.

Step 7: Combine the Results

Lastly, combine the tens and ones digits to obtain the final answer. In this case, the result is 45.

Practice Makes Perfect

Like any new skill, mastering finger multiplication requires practice. Start with simple numbers, and gradually increase the complexity as you become more proficient. With regular practice, you'll notice an improvement in your mental calculation abilities, allowing you to perform quick and accurate multiplication by 9.

Benefits of Finger Multiplication

Using your fingers to multiply by 9 offers several benefits:

  • Improved mental calculation skills
  • Enhanced number sense and understanding
  • Increased speed and accuracy in multiplication
  • Boosted confidence in math-related tasks
  • Fun and engaging way to learn and practice math


Now that you have learned the art of multiplying by 9 using your fingers, the world of mental math is at your fingertips! Practice regularly, and soon you'll be impressing everyone with your lightning-fast calculations. Start your journey towards mathematical excellence today!

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Dave Martin
This technique is a game-changer! Who knew multiplying by 9 could be so simple?
Oct 6, 2023