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Sep 11, 2018

Preparing Your Child for English Excellence

At St Peter's International School, we understand the importance of early language development. That's why our comprehensive English program, specifically designed for preschool children, aims to provide a solid foundation in the English language from an early age.

Why Choose Our English Program?

1. Expert Curriculum

Our English program for preschoolers is carefully crafted by experienced educators and language specialists. The curriculum is designed to introduce and reinforce essential language skills, including vocabulary, grammar, phonics, and comprehension.

2. Engaging Learning Environment

We believe that learning should be fun and engaging for young children. Our classrooms are designed to create a vibrant and stimulating environment where children can actively participate and develop their English language skills through play, songs, stories, and interactive activities.

3. Qualified and Dedicated Teachers

Our team of qualified and dedicated teachers are passionate about teaching English to young learners. They create a nurturing and supportive atmosphere that encourages children to explore and express themselves confidently in English.

4. Small Class Sizes

With small class sizes, each child receives individual attention and personalized instruction. This helps to promote active learning, ensures better understanding of the English language, and allows teachers to cater to the specific needs of each child.

5. Practical Language Application

We believe in providing opportunities for children to apply what they have learned in real-life situations. Our English program incorporates various practical activities and projects that encourage children to use English in meaningful ways, strengthening their language skills and boosting their confidence.

Program Highlights

1. Phonics and Reading

Our program emphasizes the importance of phonics as a foundational skill for reading. We introduce phonics through engaging activities, interactive games, and reading exercises, allowing children to develop phonemic awareness and decode words effectively.

2. Vocabulary Building

Expanding vocabulary is essential for effective communication. Through age-appropriate materials, games, and interactive discussions, we help children build a strong English vocabulary, enabling them to express themselves confidently and accurately.

3. Speaking and Listening

Our English program encourages active participation in discussions, conversations, and presentations. We provide ample opportunities for children to practice their speaking and listening skills, fostering fluency, comprehension, and effective communication.

4. Writing Development

Developing writing skills is crucial for language proficiency. Our program guides preschoolers through various writing activities, promoting creativity, penmanship, and the understanding of sentence structure and composition.

5. Cultural Awareness

Learning a language involves understanding its cultural context. We introduce children to diverse cultures and traditions through stories, celebrations, and interactive sessions, fostering cultural awareness and global citizenship.

Prepare Your Child for a Multilingual Future

Early exposure to English sets the stage for your child's future success. With our comprehensive English program at St Peter's International School, your child will gain the necessary language skills, academic foundation, and confidence to excel in today's global society. Prepare your child for a bright future by enrolling them in our English program.

Enroll Today!

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