Welcome to the Jamal Jackson Dance Company: 846

Aug 17, 2020

About Us

The Jamal Jackson Dance Company is a renowned dance group that has been captivating audiences worldwide with their exceptional talent and creativity. With an unwavering dedication to the art of contemporary dance, our company strives to push boundaries and redefine the art form.

Studio 846

Located at the heart of the city, Studio 846 is our state-of-the-art dance facility. Designed to provide a nurturing environment for dancers of all ages and skill levels, our studio is equipped with the latest technology and amenities to support our performers in their artistic journey.


At Jamal Jackson Dance Company, we offer a diverse range of dance classes suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced dancers. Our experienced instructors provide personalized guidance and support to help students develop their technique, artistry, and confidence.


Our ballet classes focus on building a strong foundation, emphasizing proper technique, alignment, and grace. From classical to contemporary ballet, our instructors bring their expertise to refine and enhance the students' abilities.


Explore the expressive and dynamic world of contemporary dance through our innovative classes. Our instructors challenge dancers to break free from traditional forms and experiment with new movements and styles, fostering creativity and artistic growth.

Hip Hop

Feel the rhythm and groove to the beats in our high-energy hip hop classes. From urban styles to street dance, our instructors bring their passion and expertise to guide students in mastering the latest moves and developing their unique style.


As a globally recognized dance company, we regularly showcase our talent through captivating performances. From intimate studio recitals to large-scale productions, our performances captivate audiences with their innovative choreography, technical precision, and emotional depth.

Career Opportunities

At Jamal Jackson Dance Company, we believe in nurturing talent and providing opportunities for dancers to grow professionally. We offer apprenticeships, auditions for our company, and collaborations with other renowned artists in the industry.

Contact Us

Reach out to us at Studio 846 to learn more about our classes, performances, and career opportunities. We are passionate about sharing our love for dance and inspiring others to pursue their artistic dreams.


Studio 846 123 Main Street Cityville, USA


(123) 456-7890


[email protected]

Amy Caughy
This dance company is truly impressive! Their dedication to pushing boundaries and redefining contemporary dance is inspiring. The state-of-the-art studio is a testament to their commitment to excellence. Can't wait to witness their exceptional talent firsthand!
Nov 12, 2023